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Jackie Christie Says Evelyn Lozada Is ‘Pure Evil’ And That She Built Basketball Wives



Everyone’s favorite Basketball Wives star, Jackie Christie let her true feelings be known when she spoke with Hip Hollywood at the end of the season.

When asked about the future of her friendships, Christie said this about Tami Roman.

“Tami and I are lovely, we had our differences and we’ve moved on….and I love where we’re at.”

“Me and Shaunie? It has been a testing time for me and her. We were friends for years… and I’m as shocked as everyone else at the way she chose to behave, it was very disappointing.  But I don’t have any hard feelings or anger toward Shaunie at all.”

But Evelyn Lozada was another story.  Its no secret that Jackie and Evelyn have never been friends, from Jackie being upset at Evelyn donating to Jackie’s Grandson’s Go Fund Me account, to the two nearly coming to blows on the show.

When we asked if there is any chance of reconciliation between the two, Jackie was pretty clear that there wasn’t.

“She’s just not my cup of tea, and she’s so angry that things are different now, there’s a new sheriff in town.”

“I’m a forgiving person, I’m not angry with her, I don’t hold a grudge, I’m disappointed, because I really trusted that she wasn’t coming from a bad place so I was pretty surprised to see that it was from a worse place than I even thought, just real, pure evil.”


But there is a silver lining for Jackie, she claims to feel very good about this season of Basketball Wives, and when we asked her if she would be back for next season, she told us “Like I said, this is my baby, I’ve been here, I built it, we’ll see what happens.”

She built it? Last we checked, Shaunie O’Neal was the Executive Producer of Basketball Wives, so we’re a little confused as to how Jackie “built it”, but we will give her this, she is certainly fun to watch.

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