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“I’m Proud Of My Husband For Kneeling During The Anthem, But Don’t Make Him A ‘White Savior'”



Seth DeValve made headlines as the first white NFL player to join Colin Kaepernick in protesting during the National Anthem by taking a knee.  The Browns tight end explained his stance on the protest to reporters saying, “We took the opportunity to pray for our country and for the men and women in this country during that time.”

“The United States is the greatest country in the world. It is because it provides opportunities to its citizens that no other country does. The issue is that it doesn’t provide equal opportunity to everybody. And I wanted to support my African-American teammates today who wanted to take a knee. We wanted to draw attention to the fact that there’s things in this country that still need to change.”

It wasn’t long before media and fans discovered that DeValue recently married a black woman, making this protest hit even closer to home. He told “I myself will be raising children that don’t look like me, and I want to do my part as well to do everything I can to raise them in a better environment than we have right now,”

Look at the adorable couple!

We did it!! #mrandmrsdevalve

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Princeton Graduate, and the new Mrs. Erica DeValve penned an article on making it clear that she supports her husband and his protest but warns to not make him a “white savior.”

“While I understand (and am deeply proud) that Seth is the first white NFL player to kneel during a demonstration like this (on Sept. 4, 2016, Megan Rapinoe, a U.S. women’s soccer player, was the first white professional athlete to do so), I would like to push back against some of the attention he’s been getting that portrays him as some sort of white savior to a movement that was started and has been carried on by black football players for about a year now.”

“That moment reconfirmed a few things that I knew: that the many in-depth conversations about race that Seth and I had—that every interracial couple must have had—resonated and took root with him; that he knew this was bigger than just one-on-one chatting with me over dinner or coffee; and that he gets it, beyond a simple desire to be protective of me as his wife. ”

DeValve went on to direct her readers to the real issue at hand, “To center the focus of Monday’s demonstration solely on Seth is to distract from what our real focus should be: listening to the experiences and the voices of the black people who are using their platforms to continue to bring the issue of racism in the U.S. to the forefront.”

“I am grateful for the widespread support and praise that Seth is getting for his actions, but I would like to offer a humble reminder that a man—a black man—literally lost his job for taking a knee, week after week, on his own.”

Scroll through the IG pics to catch the shot of the new couple literally,  “jumping the broom” and posing for faux football pics with all of the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

This couple is giving us serious hope for the future!

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