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Idris Elba just nabbed one of England’s top honors – Rear of The Year Award. Yes there’s such a thing. Apparently, Elba beat out Prince Harry and Harry Styles for best buns in Britain. But then again, we aren’t surprised. The man does have a hot face, so we’re sure he’s got a hot rear to match.

HipHollywood sat down with him to chat about his new flick The Dark Tower and also got his pick for best derrière in the U.S. “Serena Williams, what?!” he said with huge smile. “She would get rear of the year for sure in my house.”

We’d agree the tennis champ does have a nice bum – as they say in the U.K – even while preggers.

Idris was also very complimentary of his co-star Matthew McConaughey, and let us in on what it was like filming with him for the Stephen King flick.

“I only had a few days with Matthew in actuality. He had loads of days off,” he joked. “But he’s great, he’s a real pro, you know sort of real collaborative actor.”

And Matthew isn’t bad on the eyes either, which would make The Dark Tower a win, win for audiences at the theater.

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