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The latest season of Basketball Wives just wrapped and as we await the reunion show, Jackie Christie was kind enough to sit down with us and address some of the issues that have surfaced between her and her eldest daughter, Ta’Kari Lee.

On the season finale of Basketball Wives, Evelyn Lozada is seen with an advanced copy of a supposed “tell-all” book written by Christie’s daughter Ta’Kari. Lozada reads a few passages detailing the emotional trauma Ta’Kari recounts that allegedly took place during her childhood including being forced to workout, and called names. Some of the text was posted on Ta’Kari’s instagram account as well.


Jackie addresses the book in an interview with HipHollywood, and when asked if Ta’Kari is still moving forward with the book, Jackie says, “I believe so.”

She goes on to tell us that she doesn’t believe that there is any rift between her and her daughter. “Me and my daughter have communication, I love her and she loves me. I posted our communication on Instagram for the world to see.”


“But I felt it was time for the world to stop being mislead to stop thinking this is true, because I was quiet.”

Check out a portion of the interview below. Part 2, addressing her beef with Evelyn Lozada, to come.

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