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How Halle Berry’s Fight Against The Paparazzi Inspired ‘Kidnap’



You already know Halle Berry doesn’t play when it comes to her kids. Back in 2013 the Oscar winner was instrumental in getting the state of California to pass a law that the paparazzi can’t harass public figures while they are with their children.

So it’s no surprise the first film she made after getting that bill passed is all about a mother who will stop at nothing to save her child.

“I had just gotten the bill passed, Senate Bill 606, that got the paparazzi off my kids, and that was something I didn’t think I could do, but I gained strength in knowing that if I really wanted to do something I could do it,” she explained.

“This was the first movie after I started a production company – 606 films, and this was right in line with that female empowerment saying as women we can do exactly whatever we set our minds to there are no limitations.”

And there are no limitations to what Berry will do to get her kid back in Kidnap. In the film Berry chases down the creeps who snatch her 6-year-old son played by Sage Correa, and, she told Hiphollywood she loved the physical demands of the role — when not behind the wheel of her trusty mini van.

“I had just had a baby,” joked Berry. “My son was really little when we started filming so I needed to be running my butt off.”

You can see Berry kicking some butt when Kidnap hits theaters Aug 4th.


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