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The sex scenes in HBO’s Insecure are nothing short of entertaining, especially, when watching actor Jay Ellis give the ladies the business.

Sure, the scenes in the Issa Rae created comedy are simply actors doing their jobs, but the visuals are incredibly steamy, sexy and usually become water cooler chat on Monday mornings.

So for those of you who engage in Insecure conversations, here’s a little something new to bring to your next gossip sesh.

While at Blac Chyna’s Mini-Chyna Doll debut, HipHollywood caught up with actress DomiNque Perry about doing the nasty with Ellis on camera. “The sex scenes have been some of the most talked about things ever and it’s so great ,” she told us. “The scenes are great, it’s tiring to make but it’s fun because Jay is so professional and HBO is so professional.”

She added, “We didn’t even know it was going to come out like that.”

As for how her family feels about the intimate moments, Perry told us “my mom has seen so many variations … she knows this how it is. My grandmother saw it, it was kind of weird.”

The actress explained, “It’s kind of like nobody talks about it. Its so awkward we aren’t going to talk about it.”

Insecure, which was just picked up for a third season, airs Sunday nights on HBO.

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