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50 Things Black People Thought During The Game Of Thrones Finale



1. Oh shit, they’re opening the episode with a closeup of a Black man. A d*ckless one, but a Black man nonetheless. #Progress. Shout out, Grey Worm.

2. Yep, Jamie and Bronn are so f*cked.

3. Barrels of oil against fire breathing dragons? How Sway?

4. In case you’re slow on the uptake, Bronn basically just said dudes be hustling because kitty is expensive. A wise man.

5. Dothraki rolling up in this b*tch like the Wu-Tang Clan.

6. Jon Snow looks like he listens to Drake.

7. Cersei is a total c*nt, but also a f*cking style icon. Yeezys in every color.

8. “Kill the silver-haired b*tch first”. Got it.

9. Jamie looks like he probably used to listen to Drake.

10. Oh sh*t, it’s the hot Black chick.

11. The Hound and Brienne need to just get it popping already. Make some big ass mountain babies.

12. Bronn is such a Brooklyn n*gga. Probably owns a pair timbs and a fitted.

13. Cersei = Taylor Swift.

14. The Hound giving zero f*cks with this Kanye rant. CLEGANEBOWL! CLEGANEBOWL!

15. Cersei stay serving looks.

16. Dany = Beyonce. Did you see that entrance tho? BOSS AF. Taylor looking scared.

17. Oh sh*t, it’s Donald Trump, we mean Euron Greyjoy. Sniveling, power hungry, traitorous, weasel-like, foul mouth, lack of dignity, no respects for others … definitely of Trump lineage.

18. Also, Cersei (Lena Headey) is a great f*cking actress.


20. Guess the Donald’s nuclear codes can’t help against the white walkers.

21. She lying! There is not gonna be any truce of any kind.

22. Ugh! Jon Snow is such a f*cking sucker. LIE MUTHAF*CKA! IT AIN’t THAT HARD. She still gonna give up the cake.

23. Yeah, this dude definitely is a Drake fan.

24. Time for a death. It’s been a nice ride Tyrionn but you about to get murdered.

25. Damn, even Jamie knows his brother is about get shanked.

26. This Tyrion and Cersei scene is a master’s class in acting.

27. That’s definitely Ciroc Tyrion’s pouring in those goblets.

28. Wait, low-key, am I the only one that thinks these pins and outfits are very Hunger Games-ish.

29. Somebody please get Jon Snow some water. He’s thirsty AF. “Has it occured to you that she might not be a reliable source of information?” Code for, “We f*cking or nah?”

30. What. Tyrion survived?!?!??!

31. Cersei is getting soft. This is not the ruthless, vindictive White privilege waving Taylor Swift that I know.

32. How is this rat bastard Little Finger still in the game? And how dumb is Sansa?

33. Theon = Kanye West. Jon Snow = Jay Z. “Redeem yourself already little n*gga, I got shit to do. “

34. Oooooo weeeee, take that ass whipping Theon.

35. No nuts. He’s a eunuch. Not having balls must suck.

36. Word, Sansa (Dave Chapelle voice)? You about to kill the show’s only Black character, Arya?

37. Baelish out here laying it all on the line right now. Act, n*gga! Act.

38. Weird ass Bran finally making a contribution.


40. Should have known you can’t trust Taylor Swift’s old double crossing ass.

41. So long, Jamie!

42. WAIT? Cersei definitely going soft. She let both of her brothers live?!?!?!?!

43. His name is Jon Snow. Not no damn Aegon. I am not about to start calling dude Aegon Targyraean after 500 episodes of calling him Jon Snow.

44. Jon knocking on the door like a Drake ballad. Way to bang your aunt, bro. More incest for the children watching at home.

45. Look at Tyrion being all salty and sh*t.

46. Arya and Sansa … proof of the good that come when White women hold Black women down and vice versa.

47. Well, this looks real bad for those of you interested in a Tormund and Brienne love affair?

48. Yeah, real bad.

49. In the end, it always comes down to Crips versus Bloods. Or is they say in the seven kingdoms, fire and ice.

50. Can 2025 get here already!

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