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Watch Halle Berry Knock Back Some Brown Liquor Like A G!



Halle Berry is a straight up G.

The ever so stunning actress proved on Thursday that she has no problem taking on a dare, even if might lead to hair growing on her chest.

During the Kingsman: The Golden Circle panel at ComicCon, the singer shockingly agreed to chug a glass of Old Forester Bourbon Whiskey. So what lead to the impressive move?

The cast was talking about the Statesman in the film making bourbon called Statesman Reserve. That’s when the moderator, Jonathan Ross, took it upon himself to take the panel to another level. “I know it’s early here, but it’s 7 pm in England, so if you guys wanna start the party,” Ross told the cast, which also included Colin Firth, Channing Tatum, Jeff Bridges, Taron Egerton, Pedro Pascale,  Jane Goldman and Dave Gibbons.

Ross then whipped out the bottle of whiskey, a few shot glasses and a pint. The actors shuffled everything down the table and whelp, it was Halle who ended up with the full glass.

“Chug,” Ross stated. Berry responded, “Oh I can, now. Would you like to see that?”

And, yep, she took it to the head.

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