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It looks like Wendy Williams was blowing the whistle on Bill Cosby’s dirty deeds decades ago, but no one was listening … AND it almost cost her, her job.

During a recent interview with Howard Stern, Wendy revealed that Bill tried to get her axed from the radio in the early 90s.

“Didn’t Bill Cosby attempt to get you fired from your job?” Stern asked Williams in which she seemingly agreed, replying, “[in] 1991 [and] 1992.” But when hit with a follow up question Wendy replied, “I’m not talking Howard.”

Never one to let things just be, the infamous radio host stated, “What? Have I hit on something here?” Wendy went on to explain, “No it just…it is what it is. It’s really uncomfortable…If people did not understand what I was saying back in 1992 and 1993 and now all of a sudden they’re coming late to the party. I’m exhausted, I’m moving on.”

A reluctantly Wendy then revealed in detail how Bill tried to come for her job.

“I’m a young girl, I’m in my twenties, it’s like 1992 or 91. I’m on the air in the morning doing my gossip report, the GM is in his office — this is like seven o’clock in the morning. Cosby is on the phone talking to the GM. The GM is definitely agreeing with Cosby and figuring out what do we do with me.”

Apparently, the only reason she was able to stay employed is because she’s damn good at her job!

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