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O.J. Simpson is soon to be a free man!

Simpson was granted parole on Thursday morning after serving a nine year prison sentence for an armed robbery and kidnapping in Las Vegas in 2007.

The father of four plead his case in front of a parole board in Nevada on why he should be allowed back into the community after stealing personal memorabilia from a group of men in Nevada.

It was unanimous vote, all four board members voted to grant the former NFL payer parole when eligible — most likely October.

During the hearing, O.J. was put in the hot seat; being forced to answer tough questions that would ultimately lead to his fate outside of prison walls.

When asked why he would be better to be in the community than in prison, he responded: “I have four kids, I’m a guy whose always been a giving guy even on the street. My reputation has always been I’m open to the pubic. I’ve had so any offers for interviews and I’ve turned them all down. I’ve done my time. I’ve not complained for nine years.”

As for courses taken in prison, Simpson suggested he completed the alternative violence course and a computer course. He also started a Baptist church service where he spent most of his time. “I was a good guy on the street,” he said while discussing his faith. ” I was always a good guy, but I could’ve been a better Christian.”

O.J.’s oldest daughter Arnelle Simpson also took the stand and plead for her dad’s early release. “No one really knows what we’ve been through,” an Arnelle emotional said. “He’s like my best friend and my rock. He has been a perfect inmate, following all the rules and making the best of the situation.”

“The choice he made nine years ago was wrong … As his daughter I can say my dad recognizes he took the wrong approach and could’ve handled the situation differently. Throughout this ordeal we have remained close … We just want him to come home.”

When released from prison, O.J. will live in Florida to be close to his family.

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