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Girls Trip is hitting theaters this weekend …. and the one scene we’re sure folks will be talking about is the one with the grapefruit. “Grapefruit stock is about to go up!” joked Queen Latifah who plays Sasha in the Will Packer produced flick.

In the film the ladies trek to New Orleans for Essence Fest and end up getting a lesson in the art of grape fruiting thanks to Tiffany Haddish’s hilarious character Dena.

We sat down with the cast to talk about the sex technique, made popular on youtube by Auntie Angel, and how they kept a straight face while filming.

“I laughed while doing it,” explained Haddish. “That’s the way to make them cum, I mean that’s the way to make everybody laugh.”

“It took us two days. The first day we had lighting problems and we just couldn’t get through it,” added Jada Pinkett-Smith. “The second day I had to just come with my game face on.”

“I was mad I missed the scene,” said Regina Hall. “I actually saw it in play back because I wasn’t in it, and I don’t look at grapefruits the same.”

We don’t think audiences will either! Girls Trip hits theaters July 21.


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