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For many celebrities, meeting Prince for the first time comes with some crazy, vivid story. And for Keyshia Cole, not only was her experience more than epic, she got way more than she bargained for.

The singer recently stopped by the HipHollywood loft and dished on the first time she came in contact with the late singer . “His aura is epic, period. He was a diva 100 %, like super celebrity status guy.” she explained.

The mother of one then explained that “his ass might’ve been out” during their first greeting, which … we mean … who would complain about that.

“I know that he had platforms on,” she added.

According to the r&b singer, it was that moment when she asked the iconic musician do a song with her. His response: “Do you have your own label? When you do that you come talk to me again.”

That’s when according to Cole, he “just strutted off.”

Ironically, Cole just started a music label. Sadly, Prince’s time on earth was too short to have witnessed the reality star’s latest venture.

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