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Jodeci, 112, Jon B, Tevin Campbell, Brian McKnight and R. Kelly (we know, don’t roll your eyes) are just a few iconic crooners that made the 90’s known for the era of r&b.

The hits continued to roll into the early 2000’s, but somewhere along the way, the style of in real love and between the sheets jams fell off. Since, a handful of singer’s under the r&b category has attempted to revive the sound of the 90’s, but it’s always fallen flat.

So what happened? R&B singer Bobby V, known for hits like “Slow Down” and “Anonymous,” might have the answer. “We are no longer being conditioned for real music like that,” the singer told us while at the BET Awards. “We constantly are hearing rappers singing. so if that’s all we hear all day so that’s all we are going to know.”

He added, “I grew up on r&b. If you don’t grow up on certain music you not gonna want to hear it. Conditioning wise, we don’t want to hear it. That’s what it is.”

Bobby is currently working on a new project that fans will not be disappointed by.

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