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Coco Austin is responding to critics accusing her of cultural appropriation.

Ice T’s wife shared a photo last week of her new summer hairstyle … braids. She suggested in the post that it took a long 8 hours to style, but that she loves her new summer look. But here’s where things got controversial — Austin named her new hairstyle “Da Coco Swoop.”

Folks instantly started accusing the mother of one of appropriating black culture. One user commented, “Had she just showed the style and kept her mouth shut it wouldn’t be a problem with me, but then she renames the braids is a huge problem. That is cultural appropriation. She didn’t do it to be malicious. She that white subconsciousness wants to rename the style. What white people have been going for CENTURIES. Furthermore, Ice T is on my coon list for not defending his people. Prime example of what Dr Umar meant when he said when you another race you marry their culture and agendas too.”

Someone else simply wrote, “Cultural appropriation on fleek.”

Following the firestorm of comments, Coco fired back with a series of Instagram videos.

“So, recently I got social media’s panties in a bunch because I did braids to my hair. This is so stupid,” she said. “I can’t believe I’m talking about it, and I believe this shouldn’t be turned out to be a race thing. But, this is what happened: I did my braids and I called them the Coco Swoop.”

She continued, “I name all my styles that I do to myself. These are called the Coco Swoop. The braids before were called the Bo Derek braids. And it’s a Coco-ism. I’ve always done it.”

“Why can’t we all rename hairstyles or braids? That sounds so stupid. Why is everybody claiming something they shouldn’t? I know braids have been around for thousands of years. Don’t you think I know that,” the reality star asked her fans. “If I want to wear a pineapple on my head, then I should be able to wear a pineapple on my head and call it the Pineapple Cocowop. I don’t know. You see where I’m going with this? Why is everybody hating?”

According to Austin, this should not be a race war. “People rename hairstyles all day long. Look [at] Beyonce. Beyoncé, she does this hairstyle, and now it’s the Lemonade, but no one’s gonna get mad at her, right? So, at the end of the day, this shouldn’t be a race war,” she said.

Austin addd, “This should be a ‘human thing.’ Right? Everybody should be able to do it. It’s a ‘human thing.’ Give that a shot. Not a race war. It has nothing to do with race. But this just goes to show you that no one reads the captions underneath pictures, otherwise you would understand that this is not an issue. It’s something that I do. It’s a Coco-ism.”

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