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Amber Rose is being blasted for making a disparaging comment about women from her hometown of Philadelphia.

While discussing growing up in a “poor neighborhood” with the folks over at Drink Champs, the model suggested, “I don’t know how I can say this without it sounding f**ked up, but a lot of the people where I’m from aren’t traditionally attractive people.”

Rose’s comment did not sit well with people on social media, who blasted the mother of one for making such an ignorant remark.

Twitter users aren’t the only ones who had an issue with Rose’s off color comment. Kevin Hart’s ex-wife, Torrei Hart, also spoke out, asking one question: If Amber’s comment was “pre surgery or post surgery.”

She told TMZ, “If she’s talking about post surgery, of course she’s not going to look like the everyday girl. Amber she got it a little twisted, she let these men gas her up. There’s plenty of naturally beautiful people in Philadelphia and I think the platform that she’s on, she has to be more responsible with the word choices.”

She then suggested that there are many young girls that look up to Rose with self esteem issues and that Amber’s remark is actually doing damage.

After being slapped with up and down and back and forth on multiple platforms, Rose did some damage control and tried to dig her way out of the deep ditch she dug. We aren’t exactly sure if it worked though.

“Seeing online today that people took a clip from the ‘Drink Champs’ interview that I did,” she said on IG stories. “And I know that people like really want me to be a superficial b*tch but I’m just not that person. I find beauty in everyone. I think everyone is beautiful.”

She continued, “Unfortunately it’s not easy doing interviews and, you know, always saying things the way you really want to articulate. It’s like kinda when you send a text to someone and they’re like ‘Why do you have a attitude’ and you’re like ‘I don’t have a attitude’ but it just comes across that way.”

She added, “I wasn’t saying that’s how I felt, I was saying that’s how people treated me and it just didn’t come off properly in the interview.”

Rose concluded, “I think everyone is absolutely gorgeous and beautiful in their own way. Sorry for it coming off that way.”

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