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Chance the Rapper took to Twitter on Thursday afternoon to post a lengthy apology to Dr. Dre and his entire Aftermath family for sharing some content that was later deemed disrespectful.

According to the Chicago rapper, when he “went on the Be Encouraged tour” he made “LED content to satirize and degrade major labels.”

Chance took ownership and tweeted: “I made the mistake of including imprints which not only dulled my overall point of trying to uplift artist. But also signed out artist-owend ventures that have only worked to progress the culture.”

CTR then went on to praise Dre for not only his contribution to the business, but his philanthropic work around the community. “Dre is a premier example of creating space for wealth and ownership in an industry designed for creatives to be in the foot soldiers,” he wrote.

He added, “His hard work with Beats, Compton Schools and artist like Kendrick, Game, Eminem, Paak, 50 NWA and others is unmatched and how I inspire to be.”


Dre has not responded to Chance’s apology, but given the stand-up man he is, we are sure it’ll be well received.

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