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Viola Davis and husband Julius Tennon’s production company JuVee Productions has just partnered with ABC News’ Lincoln Square Productions to produce a brand new, 6-part true crime documentary series.

The 4% follows two inmates who have been on Death Row for two decades, the series will look into new and existing forensic data associated with their conviction. The working title The 4% refers to the percentage of inmates on Death Row who are innocent.

Both cases will have a full overhaul done, looking closely at the initial crime, investigation, verdict, trial and appeals, re-examining the facts, and talking to both sides about whether the condemned inmates are innocent of the crimes they’ve been convicted of.

Davis and Tennon tell Deadline “The 4% represents those who are looking for justice, but face an uphill battle.” Their head of TV, Andrew Wang released this statement to Deadline: “We’re so proud to join with ABC and Lincoln Square in highlighting the important, life-saving work being undertaken to help the innocent clear their names and ensure that they do not face the ultimate punishment for a crime they did not commit.”

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