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It hasn’t even been 24 hours since the Golden State Warriors clinched the NBA Finals win over the Cleveland Cavaliers and yet they have already “unanimously” decided not to stop by the White House for their victory lap … so says the internet.

It all started with a tweet from The Halftime Report host Josh Brown.

He didn’t cite any “reports” but mentioned to his 721,000 followers that he had seen the report from other verified Twitter accounts. Shortly after Brown posted his Tweet, self-professed pop culture insider Mike Sington stated exclusively that the, “NBA championship winning Warriors decide unanimously as a team they will boycott White House invitation to meet President Trump.

Which now brings us to the truth. The Warriors haven’t refused an invitation to Trump’s White House because they haven’t gotten one!

At this point, The Donald is probably so salty over the fact that the Warriors most likely would decline his invitation that he won’t even extend one. Let’s not forget, Warriors coach Steve Kerr went on record calling Trump a “blowhard” who is “ill-suited” to be president. So, yea, maybe Obama can just the guys a house party?!

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