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More video has surfaced of Tiger Woods post DUI arrest and yet again, it’s wildly uncomfortable to watch.

Police just released footage of the professional golfer once he got to the police station and whelp, he was still pretty out of it.

The video first shows the athlete answering personal questions by officials, one being what’s the color of his eyes and hair. After pausing, he threw out the best pun of the week: “Brown and mostly fading.” The officer couldn’t even help but chuckle.

But the real cringeworthy moment came when the 41-year-old was unable to follow instructions for the breathalyzer. When he was being directed to blow, Tiger opted to suck. Eventually, he was able to put out some air and he blew a .000.

Either way, it makes for great video.

Woods was arrested early Monday morning in Jupiter, Florida, on suspicion of DUI. The athlete later confirmed that he was under the influence of an undisclosed prescribed medication, not booze.

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