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Mariah Carey On James Packer: “I Don’t Know Where The Motherf*cker Is!”



Note to self: Do not ask Mariah Carey about her ex James Packer. She has zero F’s to give when it comes to him. Mi Mi proved that point when an Israeli journalist hounded her with questions about her former billionaire beau.

While in Tel Aviv promoting her new skincare line, a local TV reporter bombarded Carey with questions about Packer and his alleged ties to a corruption investigation into Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

According to PageSix, “Israeli police have reportedly been seeking Packer, 49, since March for questioning in connection with an ongoing investigation regarding alleged illegal gift giving. While Packer himself has not been accused of any wrongdoing, Israeli elected officials are forbidden to receive gifts.”

After being asked a series of question about James, dinners they had with Netanyahu, and the like, Mariah stated, “I don’t really pay attention to politics, darling.”

But, dude wouldn’t let up. That’s when the Elusive Chanteuse told the reporter, “Please, darling, please! I don’t where the motherf*ker is. How am I supposed to know? I don’t know, for real … I don’t know, he’s somewhere doing something, whatever. I have no idea.”

Mariah, being peak Mariah, has made our day!

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