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Mahershala Ali has been flying high since his success from the Oscar winning film, Moonlight, now the actor is on the July 2017 cover of GQ magazine looking fantastic.


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The Oscar winner has used his platform to speak about love and tolerance. Ali, a practicing Muslim, addressed President Trump’s Muslim ban in a tear-filled speech at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. “What I’ve learned from working on Moonlight is we see what happens when you persecute people. They fold into themselves.”

The Luke Cage star, 43, discusses with GQ his rise to fame as a black man in the USA.

“When suddenly you go from being followed in Barneys to being fawned over, it will mess with your head…those experiences that you have from age 10, when you start getting these little messages that you are something to be feared.”

He tells GQ that, even as a celebrity, he has felt targeted, “Walking down the street in Berkeley, and some cops roll up on you and say straight up, ‘Give me your ID,’ and you’re like, ‘What the f*ck?’ ”

Mahershala, whose full name is Mahershalalhashbaz, a Hebrew name from the Old Testament, converted to Islam in 1999 after visiting a mosque with his now-wife. Ali tells GQ how Islam has helped him evolve in all areas, including his acting career.

“It benefits me from the standpoint of really creating empathy for these characters that I try to embody, other human beings with issues as deep and personal as my own. Because of Islam, I am acutely aware that I am a work in progress.”

We’re vibing on his hustle and good energy, and he also released a summer playlist on Spotify if you want to get on his level … check it out.


Here’s a cool vid of him talking about the songs that influence his life.

Ali is working on several new projects, including an action movie with Ben Affleck, which is currently in pre-production, according to IMDb.

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