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All eyes will soon be on Kat Graham when the new Tupac biopic All Eyez On Me hits theaters. In the film, the actress takes on the role of a young Jada Pinkett (before Smith), who had a special bond and relationship with the iconic rapper.

Graham shared with HipHollywood how she approached the role and what advice, if any, Jada gave her to help her prepare. “I reached out to her before we started filming. But I wasn’t able to connect with her until after I wrapped.”

She added, “I think, at the time, I cared more about embodying the energy of her at that time, versus making it feel like a caricature or imitation of her.”

So, what did Pinkett-Smith say when they finally did speak? “Support, I’ll just say that,” Graham said. “A lot of support and a lot of love, and just good energy.”

“I know she would make herself available if I ever wanted to talk,” she continued. “I just wanted to do my best to honor this time and this friendship that was so special to her.”

Jada and Tupac met while attending Baltimore School For The Arts and remained close as their careers both took off some years later in Hollywood. Graham, who worked with acting coach Ivana Chubbuck to nail Pinkett’s around-the-way girl personality, said audiences will really see the bond they had and how much he meant to her.

“I know that the dynamic that they had was so special and so powerful. I just hope that people feel the love that these two friends had for each other.”


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