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Look, I’m as big of a Weeknd fan as anyone. The guy has pipes and knows how to set the mood. But can we talk about his obsession with flight jackets for a second? Able Tesafaye, a.k.a. The Weeknd, has been rocking the bomber jackets for years and it doesn’t seem like he has plans to change that!


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Not only does Able XO almost exclusively wear a bomber during performances, he sells them to his fans at shows, and even has a partnership with H&M with a beige bomber promoting his Starboy album with a ginormous XO in the back.

The Weeknd x Futura 2000 XO Artist Capsule Pop Up Shop Concepts New York ⚡️Starting June 3

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He’s not alone there; Justin Beiber also collaborated on a bomber with Barney’s, and we know flight jackets are hotter than they were back in the ’90s.

But Able is taking the trend to a new level. He’s got one in green, blue, black, patterned, paint splattered, silver, orange, magenta … once in a while we see him in a jean jacket, blue or black, and sometimes with cutoff sleeves. I know it can get chilly in Toronto, but is he always cold? He even wore a patchwork flannel jacket to Coachella! At least it wasn’t a bomber.



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He recently posted a pretty pic of his girl, Selena Gomez, on his Instagram.


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for @gq

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He looked great at the Met Ball in a tux with Selena as his date.

Maybe she’s been encouraging him to branch out to other styles and silhouettes. Maybe one day we will even get to see his arms.

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