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Legendary designer Karl Kani dove right back into the 90’s for the production of the anticipated Tupac Shakur biopic, All Eyez On Me.

Pac, who was an inspiration behind most of 90’s hip hop style, was a big fan of Kani’s. In fact, it was the late rapper who appeared in one of the designer’s first campaigns. So when it came down to the fashion for the flick, it was Kani who stepped in.

“The clothes in the 90’s were a lot bigger, so we couldn’t take stuff that we currently had in stock because it wasn’t as big as the baggy look back in the day,” he told HipHollywood exclusively when asked about recreating some of the late rapper’s iconic looks for the film. “We had to remake our patterns and create these looks and then we need duplicates of each item.”

He added, “It actually influenced me to recreate some of those styles to put on my new collection.”

So how did 2Pac and the fashion mogul turn out to be such good friends? It came down to their first meeting that changed their relationship forever. “My most memorable moment with 2Pac was when I first met him in person,” he told us.

According to Kani, he first met Pac at a famous hotel in Los Angeles. “I walked into the room, he’s in there typing a script to a movie and smoking blunt after blunt. He’s having a very intelligent conversation with me only one problem, the guy never looked at me.”

He continued, “I went there to ask him would he would do a clothing ad for me … I said ‘yo Pac, how much would you charge me to do an ad.’ He stopped typing … he goes ‘I aint gonna charge you nothing, you Black. I don’t charge my peoples for nothing.”

Kani said Pac kept his word and two weeks later they were shooting in New York.

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