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ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise contestants DeMario Jackson and Corrine Olympios have been the center of controversy amidst sexual assault allegations for several weeks now.

Jackson has been trying to clear his name and set the record straight. While he has been cleared of any wrongdoing by WB on June 20th, the reality star revealed to E! News that it has had a profound affect on him and his family, saying ” It was stressful, for me but mostly for my mother, its hard to seen your mom cry every night. It was difficult.”

Jackson chokes up and wipes tears from his eyes when talking about how his grandmother and aunts were also very upset. DeMario says he has lost his job over the debacle. Olympios has also released statements about how much this has affected her, she reports that she doesn’t not remember the incident well, and feels that she is the victim.

Olympios continues to investigate the misconduct allegations against Jackson through personal legal representation.

ABC has not released the footage of the alleged misconduct, and we have a feeling we will never see it.

The two-part interview with DeMario Jackson airs on E! Monday, June 26, and Tuesday, June 27.

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