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What the hell is “covfefe”?

That’s the question everyone has been asking since Donald Trump tweeted the unknown word in the wee hours of Wednesday morning (EST).

It’s certainly not his first social media blunder; remember that whole “tapp” tweet, but it may be his most viral one yet. People are baffled by the tweet, and furthermore, demanding answers about what it is and why it stayed up for so long (about three hours).

On its own, “covfefe” isn’t a big deal … we’ve all had our share of typos and such. But what makes this instance so troubling is the fact that this isn’t the first time The Donald has embarrassed himself online, in front of the world. Why is no one proofreading his correspondence with the nation? Why doesn’t he care enough to take a beat before hitting send? Hell, why doesn’t his phone have autocorrect? All valid questions!

Of course, the internet had a field day with this one.

Finally, Donald addressed the tweet with this response.

We’re taking bets — How long before his next social media mishap?

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