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The Internet collectively hated Katy Perry’s SNL performance. OK, that might be a slight exaggeration, but it certainly was not well received.

Perry performed her new hit “Bon Appetit” during the late night comedy show and folks were just straight-up confused. The singer, clad in a white dress, pranced around a banquet table while dancers vogued their way around the star and others just sat and watched.

But things got really weird when Perry oddly danced her way through Migos’ verses. At one point, Perry Deer in Headlights, started miming and making bizarre gestures as if she’s in a silent movie. There was even an moment when she attempted to give a sexy body roll, but it looked more sluggish and uncomfortable than anything.

Folks on the Internet had a field day poking fun at the performance; in fact, many suggested Miley Cyrus passed the hood baton onto Katy. See below for the hilarious responses from people on Twitter.

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