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Tamar Braxton Reveals How She Forgave Her Father For Cheating On Her Mother



Tamar Braxton is opening up about a marriage ruined by infidelity on her new single “My Man” —  but it’s not her own. Instead she’s telling the story of another woman, her mother Evelyn Braxton, who divorced her father after learning he had an affair with another woman.

“The song came about because I felt it was necessary to say,” explained Braxton. “It was just everything that was going on with my family at the time, it just made sense to speak about it.”

Fans saw Tamar share the track with her mother on their reality show, Braxton Family Values. But did she share it with her father?

“Listen, I was I not going to put out this record without letting my parents hear it first,” she explained. “So I played it for my dad and his reaction was a little different. He was actually a little flattered. He was like, ‘You wrote a song about me?’ without listening, listening to the lyrics. I’m sure now he’s probably thinking differently.”

And one might wonder how Braxton is still able to have such a great relationship with her dad despite his affair, but she says it’s pretty simple.

“You have to realize it is not your relationship,” she shared. “And it doesn’t have anything to do with you. It’s not your business. Although you are the product of the relationship, it’s not your relationship.”

Audiences will see how the other Braxton sisters – Trina, Towanda, Toni and Tracey – deal with their father and his new wife this season on Braxton Family Values when they take a epic vacation to Puerto Vallarta.

You won’t want to miss it. In the meantime, check out “My Man” below.

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