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Rosario Dawson is speaking out for the first time since finding her 26-year-old cousin dead inside her home.

During a recent interview with AOL’s BUILD to promote her work with The Lower Eastside Girls Club of New York, Dawson explained “even as I’m going through a really emotional and stressful time in my life, I was so grateful to get on the plane to come here today and be here with all of you and celebrate what we have to celebrate, because that’s super important,” she said. “And it’s too easy to kind of go down the wormhole—the rabbit hole—and think about the stuff that didn’t happen,”

She continued, “My cousin just died, Vaneza, and I’m coming up on the six-year anniversary of my grandmother’s passing. And from 75 to 26, you just don’t know when your time is. And I just don’t want to be in any kind of position where I’m looking back going, ‘I should’ve, could’ve, would’ve, didn’t, damn!'”

Earlier this month, Dawson walked downstairs in her Venice, California, pad to find Vaneza Ines Vazquez unresponsive. Vasquez was taken to  St. John’s Medical Center in Santa Monica where she was pronounced dead. It was later confirmed that the death was due to natural causes.

Dawson shared during her chat with AOL that she’s “been dealing with a lot of loss lately and reconnecting with my family and my friends in a different way. I’m realizing how much I’ve pulled myself back, and I’ve been just really humbled by this opportunity tonight.”

She continued, “They’re giving me an award and it’s recognizing all of the achievements and things I’ve done with the organization, which is amazing. And I’m humbled by those achievements, but I’m also really humbled by my failures.”

Rosario’s loss comes on the heels of the release of her latest film, Unforgettable. 

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