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North West Just Turned Time Out Into The Most Relaxing, Lavish Place To Be



We have to give North West a round of applause — the 3-year-old is one smart cookie.

North’s famous mom, Kim Kardashian, revealed on Tuesday morning just how brilliant little Nori is by unveiling the cutie’s time out haven.

According to Kim, North was sent to time out, which, let’s be honest, no 3-year-old wants to be put in a room or corner and be told to not speak. But according to Kimmy Cakes, her only daughter was a little too quiet, so she went to check on her.

When she snuck into see what North was up to, Kim spotted her bundle of joy relaxing in a makeshift spa. “I go in her room and check on her & she’s i the bathroom, made he own spa and tells me she’s chilling out,” Kim wrote on Instagram.

In the image, shared by the mother of two, North can be seen laying on the ground with a towel over her legs and tissue perfectly laid across her face.

Now this is what we call a good time out. This, by the way, is the same little girl who assisted in creating styles for her mom and dad’s kids clothing line.

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