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Mind Blown! The Advice Channing Tatum Just Gave Thirsty Women Around The World



Channing Tatum is speaking some truth in the June issue of Cosmopolitan

Inside the publication, the actor penned an emotional letter to his daughter Everly, all while dishing out some advice to the thirsty women around the world.

In the letter, the Magic Mike star opened up about the qualities his wife, Jenna Dewan, possessed when he fell in love with her. He explained in the essay that he hopes his 3-year-old daughter inherits the same qualities when she grows up. “That radical authenticity of hers was what made me fall head over heels in love. Before I experienced it, I wouldn’t have known how to ask for it. Now I know it’s what I was always craving,” Tatum wrote.

“I tried to imagine the things I’d want her to read that would help her understand men and sex and partnership better, and at that moment, I realized a strange thing,” Channing explained. “I don’t want her looking to the outside world for answers. My highest hope for her is just that she has the fearlessness to always be her authentic self, no matter what she thinks men want her to be.”

Tatum then dropped this major nugget for the ladies: “So I guess if there’s one thing that I think men wish women knew, it’s just that they alone are enough. When more women start to truly feel this power in themselves, the world will become so magical, it makes my head hurt.”

He added, ““We live in a society that has trained men and women to play certain kinds of roles for a long time, and the beauty of this amazing moment we’re living in is that we’re finally starting to break free from those roles.”

According to the father of one, “Women, especially, are realizing that they no loner have to conform to certain standards of social and sexual behavior, and this changes what they need from men and the role of men in general.”

Channing is currently promoting his Magic Mike Live show in Las Vegas.

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