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Mike Epps Puts The Kibosh On Estranged Wife’s Money Grab?



Mike Epps is hitting his soon-to-be ex-wife right where it hurts: the pocketbook.

Since filing for divorce at the top of 2016, Mike had been paying his estranged wife’s bills, per usual. But now, Mechelle says the payments have stopped and she has been locked out of their accounts. She believes that Mike is withholding funds in an effort to coerce her into signing a bad divorce deal.

The two are worlds apart on what the final number should be. Mechelle is asking for about $118,000 per month in alimony and child support, while Mike believes she should be getting around $26,000. Mrs. Epps says she needs the money for the housing expenses ($30,000/mo), clothing ($10,00/mo), nanny ($3,500/mo), miscellaneous items, plus the school for their two children amounts to $72,000/yr. While Mike didn’t discount those numbers, his lawyer pointed out that, due to the fact that Mike owes Uncle Sam about 2.6 million, if Mechelle got want she wanted, it would ruin the family financially.

Both Mike and Mechelle are on the opposite ends of the spectrum, but a judge has not yet ruled on the case, so it remains to be seen who comes out on top.

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