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Some people just shouldn’t do Facebook Live … and Katy Perry may be one of those people.

The “Roar” singer hopped on the social media app to connect with her fans and may have inadvertantly alienated many of them. While prompting her new single “Bon Appétit,” Perry began responding to a few comments and noticed someone said “I miss your old black hair.”

As you may or may not know, Katy recently ditched her long dark locks for a super short blonde ‘do. Instead of ingoring the comment, the pop star replied sarcastically, “awww, really, do you miss Barack Obama, as well? Ok, times change, bye.”

Some folks thought she was comparing black hair to Black president. Others believed it was her way of saying suck it up and deal with the current circumstances, whether it be hair or politics. Either way, folks weren’t happy.

Check out the video below and see some of the fiery clapbacks.

Oh, and Katy, never forget. Never Forget!

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