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These days, no one is safe from racial profiling … not even Terry Crews.

HH caught up with Crews to discuss Tuesday’s episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, when he revealed that it was a true “art imitates life” kind of moment. In the episode, titled “Moo Moo,” Terry’s character, Detective Terence “Terry” Jeffords, experiences racial profiling by another cop. It was a feeling that Crews knew all too well.

Years ago, when the actor was a NFL player, he boarded a flight to San Diego, only to be pulled from his seat by police officers who assumed he was a drug dealer, “simply because I bought my ticket with cash,” Terry recalled. But that’s not all. Once Crews told them he was a football player on his way to sign his contract, the officers asked for an autograph! The incident left him angry, frustrated and confused. “All I could think about was what if I wasn’t a football player,” Terry explained.

Angry, frustrated and confused are also the emotions Detective Jeffords felt during the unique and timely Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode. Not only does Jeffords confront the racist cop, but he also deals with the unexpected lack of support from his boss and mentor, Captain Ray Holt, played by Andre Braugher. “This bring a whole new topic to this conversation because of what happens within the police department, being an African-American .. am I blue or am I Black?” Crews shared.

This special episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs tonight (Tuesday) on FOX at 8/7c.