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A 68-year-old woman suffered serious head trauma after being slammed on her head and tossed into a pool. Video of the disgusting incident was posted online over the weekend. In the clip, the woman, Nancy James, can be seen trying to convince a large group of people to turn down the music at a rowdy pool party in North Lauderdale.

Someone can be heard yelling “throw her in” before a man picks her up and drops her on her head. One of James’ dogs also ends up in the pool. According to a police report, James was “very frightened and upset” and was “drenched in water from her shoulders down.”

Her cell phone, in her pocket at the time of the incident, was also damaged.

Reaction on social media has been far from mixed with people from all walks of life coming to the woman’s defense.

“This should be all over the news, if the roles were reverse there would be riots everywhere. If it’s wrong it’s wrong … and this shit is wrong on so many levels. I was a punk kid growing up but always had respect for my elders, no matter what the color of their skin,” one person commented on YouTube.

“As a black man, this is so f*cking embarrasing. There’s definitely a difference between Black Americans and N*GGAS. SMH,” another YouTuber remarked

“D*mn, it’s bad enough his clumsy a** slammed her to the ground after slipping on the pavement, but he still picked her up and threw her into the pool, after what could have been a concussion, SMH, hope he gets his jail time.”

Cops are reportedly investigating the incident.

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