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Listen, we’ve seen Tyra Banks get agro with people – let us never forget when she screamed at an America’s Next Top Model contestant for not giving 100% effort. But is the star capable of verbally abusing a child?

A woman, identified only as Jane Doe, filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles earlier this week against the new America’s Got Talent host claiming the model “physically manipulated and verbally abused” her daughter.

According to the suit, Jane, her husband and daughter, identified as Mary, were flown to Los Angeles in March to tape for America’s Got Talent. But things turned ugly when the young girl and her family were allegedly put on blast by Tyra.

Jane and her husband claim they sang a song that was an emotional tribute to motherhood and that “celebrated Mary’s birth and the family bond among the members of her family.”

Unfortunately, the song they thought was hit turned out to be a bust, and Banks made it very clear while the young daughter watched in humiliation.

Per the documents, Banks “insinuated that Mary was accidentally conceived, made fun of the performance and ridiculed [the song] in front of Mary, all in front of active cameras that were filming Mary.”

The 18-page suit also states that Banks shook Mary’s shoulder, pulled Mary’s hair back and physically manipulated her.

“Mary was traumatized and became deeply depressed,” the suit claims. “Mary would become extremely nervous and anxious whenever, among other triggering events, she hears any mentions of [the] song and [the] song itself, whenever she ruminates about the events during or related to the performance, and whenever she thinks about the prospective televised airing or use online of Jane and her husband, their performance, as well as the airing and use online of any footages of Mary.”

The family is accusing Banks of assault and is going after the star for infliction of emotional distress.

The production company, meanwhile, has no intention on airing footage of the child from the audition.

Tyra has not responded to the suit, but on Tuesday, she did take to Instagram to promote the debut of the hit NBC show.

Today I start for you, the extra-ness that is, the #FacesOfTyra countdown to my @AGT debut! 7 days!!!

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