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Mike Epps brought a kangaroo on stage during his comedy show in Detroit. Yes, this is a real story.

Remember the video I shared 4 days ago of a man walking a #kangaroo on a leash in #Detroit? On that post I explained how he runs a travelling, mobile Exotic Zoo where people pay to hire out alligators, lynxes, pythons and even kangaroos for birthday parties and other functions. _ Well #MikeEpps paid to have this kangaroo join him up on stage at his rap concert in Detroit and the world is finding it hilarious 🙄 . _ The only good thing about this video is when the kangaroo backhands Epps to the face as if to say ‘leave me alone’ but this is all so wrong. It’s animal exploitation. The worst part of all of this is the fact that nobody involved seems to have any idea about these animals. _ Kangaroos for example (and macropods in general) can suffer from something called STRESS MYOPATHY which means that stress can literally kill them. After experiencing extreme stress, their muscle fibres can begin to disintegrate causing paralysis and then death. This loud claustrophobic rap concert with flashing lights is clearly a very stressful situation for this kangaroo to be in, which means his life is at risk #LeaveAnimalsAlone 💔😞 . _ Caption @a_lallie Video #Repost @pmwhiphop:Straight clowning!!! Mike Epps brought out a kangaroo on stage in Detroit!

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We have no idea why Mike thought bringing a leashed kangaroo on stage during his noisy, crowded show would be a good idea, but he did. Actually he thought it was hilarious. The Internet, however, didn’t.

Epps immediately caught intense backlash for what many people thought was animal cruelty. And although he didn’t physically harm the marsupial, folks still didn’t like that the animal looked scared and uncomfortable on stage.

Now, it’s being reported that a representative for the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture is looking into the event as the Animal Welfare Act requires that handlers be “in control of the animal at all times.” This kangaroo’s handler, Javon Stacks, is the one holding the leash. Stacks claims to own a traveling exotic zoo and says he has all his necessary licenses.

For his part, Mike did apologize, but not before posting this video, “proving” that he and the ‘Roo are buddies. His caption stated, “Yeh what’s the problem now, look how nice I am 2 him! Theses guys are license zoo keepers!”

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