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Hey, white girls! Stop twerking, you’re gonna kill somebody!

No, I’m not being dramatic. A white girl literally almost killed a guy in the Ukraine.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, you see a brunette woman doing her best (read: absolute worst) twerk moves on the side of a roadway. In the distance, you see a motorcyclist approaching. Unfortunately, instead of paying attention to the oncoming BMW, the biker is busy watching Becky pop that thang. Subsequently, he crashes into the car and in the vid you see his motionless body lay on the ground.

The twerker and the girl filming said twerk session, run to the aid of the cyclist and can be heard crying before the video abruptly ends.

Thankfully, the biker is alive with only “a fracture of the pelvis and an open fracture of the leg” according to the YouTube page. Take a look at the disturbing video below.

*we blame Iggy Azalea for this…

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