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The Kardashian A$$ Fans Are Raving About … And It’s Not Kim’s!



Move over, Kim — a new Kardashian a$$ is getting the love now!

The Kardashian clan is known to have larger-than-life backsides, which, for years, fans praised. Kim initially became the first sister to make headlines thanks to her juicy booty; and then Khloe Kardashian followed the butt train. But (no pun intended) now, it’s the eldest Kardashian who’s getting the applause.

Kourtney Kardashian has been galavanting around Mexico with a group of girlfriends for her birthday, but has been keeping fans entertained with sexy photos on social media.

On Tuesday, the mother of three proved that her MILF status won’t be expiring any time soon after sharing this snapshot of her derrière.

This is how we do it down in Puerto Rico

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Folks instantly started admiring the 38-year-old’s booty, but mainly, thanked her for not going under the knife to get the perfect rear end.

“Plz stay your natural self forever,” one person wrote. Somebody else commented, “Finally, a real one. Salute to her.” Another fan wrote, “Tell your sister to get your level lol.” And this fan expressed the general consensus, “The only sister that doesn’t have ASS implants.”

Ironically, the social media loving comes just days after her sister, Kim, was blasted for her less-than-stellar behind. What was once every man’s dream has turned into a saggy mess, at least according to the Internet.

Kim joined Kourtney and her friends in Mexico earlier this week and was photographed in a vintage Dior bikini. The comments, however, probably weren’t to the mother of two’s liking. “In Mexico is that where she got her ass done at cause that sh*t looks nasty,” one person commented.

Another fan, however, had Kim’s back(side?) and suggested that maybe the image was photoshopped. “I think they photoshop her pic. Dont think she looks like this,” the fan wrote.

Folks have been talking about these pics of #KimKardashian and her #ladylumps vacationing in #Mexico.

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