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This rumor is an oldie — and not a goodie — but it seems to keep making its way around. So, does that mean there’s any truth to it?

Mary J. Blige hinted that cheating, on the part of her estranged husband Kendu Isaacs, was the reason behind the dissolution of their 12-year marriage. And although she never mentioned anyone by name, several “sources” pointed the finger at her protégé Starshell.

HH spoke to the “SuperLuva” singer years ago and she revealed that she and MJB had a great repoire. “She really likes the fact that I’m independent and I know what I want,” Starshell stated.

Let’s just hope what she wants isn’t Mary’s husband.

Since then, Starshell has denied the cheating rumor (while also seeming to love the rumor) saying, “For me it was a compliment, like ‘oh, my god, people are talking about me’ … I don’t know where or how it came about. It’s something that I have to take with a grain of salt.” But, that was FOUR years ago.

Fast-forward to now … she hasn’t said a word.

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