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Did Nick Cannon Just Shade The Hell Out Of Nicki Minaj?



Nick Cannon is still team Mariah. Despite their divorce, he’s still mad loyal to his ex-wife and showed just how much when asked some questions about her ex-nemesis while appearing on The Wendy Williams show this morning.

Cannon dropped by and bared it all — literally. Baring his chest in a leather motor jacket, the Wild N’ Out star didn’t hold back answering questions from Williams in the “Hot Seat” about everything including his love life.

When asked by Williams if he’d ever date Nicki Minaj now that he’s single, Cannon, without hesitation, said, “Is this pre the booty dropping? Is this bubbly booty Nicki or after the booty drop?”

“The booty drop!,” Wendy replied. “Oh, naw. I can’t do that then. If she go and get it fixed, then call me, Nicki,” he responded.

Heeeelarious. Apparently Cannon was a fan of “SHether.”

He also let the world know if he’s still smashing Carey, and discussed why they divorced in the first place. Check it out below.

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