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Ben Carson was trapped inside an elevator in Miami on Tuesday for a long 15 minutes; but is Alonzo Mourning to blame?

The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, along with his wife and five others, was touring an affordable housing complex in Miami when they were trapped inside the building elevator. But here’s the catch: The building was co-developed by former NBA player Alonzo Mourning’s non-profit group.

Alonzo was reportedly very apologetic about the unfortunate and slightly comical incident, but secretly, we hoped that Mourning was behind giving Carson a little scare. So was Mourning really to blame? Probably not — but it sure makes for one hell of a story.

Since becoming head of Housing and Urban Development, Carson hasn’t exactly wooed the nation. Last month, the politician came under fire for insinuating that slaves were immigrants who wanted a better life.

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