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Usher Raymond is undeniably one of the biggest R&B singers to come out of the ’90s. With a string of hits and platinum plaques, he’s made countless songs that are recognized around the globe.

But the 38-year-old icon has some regrets when it comes to his music career. While on “Questlove Supreme,” hosted by Questlove for Pandora, Raymond confessed that the Tevin Campbell hit “Can We Talk?” originally belonged to him. So what happened?

Apparently, a feud between L.A. Reid and Babyface cost him the track.

“…when I first signed to LaFace Records, I wanted to do an album with Babyface and LA Reid, right? I signed specifically for that reason. So LA Reid wanted Babyface to work on me and they were going through, you know, a lot of drama at the time. They were kinda severing their ties…he got mad…And he built an entire album for me, and he gave the whole album to somebody else…Tevin Campbell! ‘Can We Talk’…was my song…”

The song, of course, went on to catapult Campbell to super stardom and his sophomore album I’m Ready went double platinum.

But that isn’t Raymond’s biggest regret. He also lamented that he’s still kicking himself  for passing on managing Chris Brown.

“So there’s one thing in my career that I definitely regret, one thing. And to this day I battle with it which is why I always show support for this artist whenever he asks…So his manager comes in…They show him to me…I was working on an album at this time, they wanted him to perform on this album…I was like okay cool…Then I went to my team and they was like ‘I don’t think you should work with this artist’…Then he left…Chris Brown.”

Hmmmm… we’re not sure if that was a total loss. Only considering Brown’s legal battles and personal issues. The two, however, have collaborated on the tracks “Party” and “New Flame.”

And speaking of flames, Raymond also dished about his marriage to Tameka Foster and current social issues.

‘That marriage and that relationship was gonna come to an end…but it served a purpose in my life…And no matter what my mother was attempting to tell me, and a lot of people were trying to tell me about that, I think a lot of it had to do with my lack thereof a father…I did not want to be a person who would just roll out.’

Well, we certainly applaud him for being so honest!

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