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Sheryl Underwood just opened up in a very raw and vulnerable way, and she may have just saved a life.

On Wednesday, the ladies of The Talk were discussing Kim Kardashian’s rehashing of her Paris robbery on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. That chat lead Underwood to open up about her own life-altering experience of being raped. “I just kept thinking, this ain’t it. I am not going to die today. I refuse to die today. It’s not going down like this,” the co-host said she thought to herself. “So the only thing I thought was: What do I do to survive? What do I do to survive?”

And that’s when the comedienne realized that negotiating for her life may be her only shot. “And I start talking to the guy and I said, ‘Don’t do this this way. Whatever you’re going to do, finish what you’re doing — don’t kill me. And don’t take my ID. They’ll find you,’” said Sheryl.

With tears in her eyes, Underwood encouraged the audience filled with women. “I really want women to understand, don’t ever let anybody take your power away from you.”

Brings a whole new definition to fighting for your life. Kudos, Sheryl.

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