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It looks like Remy Ma isn’t done with Nicki Minaj. Four days after dropping the scathing diss track ‘ShETHER,’ Remy drops another song aptly titled ‘Another One.’

This time around the Bronx bred rapper is taunting Nicki, hoping to insight a response. On the track she brags about bodying Minaj on ‘ShETHER’, and in her DJ Khaled voice lets Nicki know she’s about to take another L.

I waited four days ma where you been?/ I came here in the ‘Rari playing little Kim/Don’t know what made you think that you could f*ck with Rem/ But I guess this is what I gotta do to make y’all spit.”

“I mean whoa / You already took an L, now you got another one/ I secured the bag now I got  another one/ I caught the W now I got another one/ Yo what’s that sh*t you be saying Khaled Another One.”

So where is Nicki? Per her IG page she is living it up at Paris Fashion Week, unbothered by the diss tracks.

Meanwhile folks on social media are weighing in on this second track and there seems to be some mixed feelings.

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