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Kristin Bell is one hot momma and she’s showing it off in her hubby Dax Shepherd’s new buddy comedy, CHiPs. The mother of two sports a skin-tight red swimsuit in most of the film, and told us her curvy figure and amazing rack was all thanks to just giving birth to her second child, Dakota.

“I was breastfeeding at the time and I didn’t pump for a while,” she explained. “So I just let my breasts fill up because I really wanted my character to have an aggressive boob job.”

Talk about milking the opportunity.

“That’s what I wanted,” she added. “She’s a trophy wife, and she prides herself on her vanity, and I wanted to look like a Barbie, so I got long blonde extensions and I almost let my skin split, and I did it for my husband.”

In the film, Shepherd and Michael Peña play CHP officers on a mission to track down a band of crooked cops. Shepherd also wrote and directed the film, and let us in on what it was like making the ’70s TV reboot.

Check it out above. CHiPs hits theaters March 24th.


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