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Ben Carson has proven he’s the donkey of the day week with his idiotic ill-informed rehashing of slavery. But, maybe not all hope is lost for Mr. Carson; just maybe all he needs is a block of free time and an advanced copy of the new season of Underground.

See, it’s pretty clear that Benny Boy missed the first season of the hit WGN America show because had he seen it he would have known slaves didn’t just “work hard for less.” He would have been well-versed in the rigorous, back-breaking, FREE labor that the slaves were FORCED to perform. But he would have also seen the resilient and courageous efforts from those slaves to break free. He would have undoubtedly been hooked on Underground and would not have made the gaffe he made yesterday.

But not all hope is lost. The second season of Underground premieres on Wednesday, March 8th at 10/9c and this time around it focuses on how the women of the Underground Railroad were forces to be reckoned with. These women were soldiers, tireless fighters — something we’re sure Mr. Carson probably isn’t aware of. Season 2 will follow Harriet Tubman, Rosalee and other fearless females as they run, fight and free slaves across the south. Ben should watch it, and so should you.

Check out our interviews with the cast below and get a look into how this season of Underground will leave you on the edge of your seat each and every week!

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