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Leave it to Jennifer Lopez to make something as silly as jumbotron dancing look sexy.

The singer stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night and, per the usual, got lured into doing something wildly embarrassing. This time, that included creating new dance moves to random acts.

Fallon kicked off the dance battle by having to create a dance to “putting on skinny jeans.” Yep, it was cute and all, but not nearly as hot as Lopez being forced to turn her body into the spin cycle of a wash machine.

We have to note that this is not the first time JLo has spun her body like a washing machine — she only recreated the classic wash machine move 506 times in her hit 90’s drama, Selena.  

The mother of two, clad in a plaid two-piece ensemble, also had to become a sexy cowboy. Rest assured, slow-motion riding antics performed by Lopez herself is nothing short of glorious.

Check out the fun moment in the clip below.

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