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The marriage may be over, but the alimony will be around for a while.

Mike Epps’ estranged wife Mechelle is asking the courts for a pretty hefty sum of money from her ex, but she has her reasons. Not only did the comedian blindside his wife with divorce filings last year, but, according to her, he has cut her off from all the family’s financials. No bank account, no credit cards, nada. What’s worse is that the soon-to-be former Mrs. Epps has been left high and dry since she currently doesn’t work and never worked during the marriage, at Mike’s request.

So how much does she need to live comfortably? According to TMZ, around $109,000 a month. Here’s a list of her expenses.

Thousands of dollars of shoes & clothing for their two daughters (10 yrs. old & 12 yrs. old)
$72,000 per year for private school
$3500 per month for nanny (Mechelle’s mother)
$600 per month nanny’s car
Hair care

All in all, Mechelle is requesting $109,036 per month in support from Mike. Oh, and she wants the house too.

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