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Folks on Twitter are going crazy over Kendrick Lamar’s latest track, “The Heart Part 4.” But many are wondering if the Compton rapper is blatantly taking aim at rap nemeses Drake and Big Sean?

First, let’s break down this verse that people are assuming is about Drizzy.

“Tables turn, lesson learned, my best look, you jumped sides on me, now you bout to meet Westbrook,” he raps. “Go celebrate with your team and let victory vouch you, just know the next game played, I might slap the s*** out of you.”

Many think that Lamar is drawing reference to Drizzy’s lyrics in “Pound Cake,” where the Canadian rapper says: “No game, no scrimmage, I ain’t playing’ with you n*ggas at all … Tables turn, bridges burn, you live and learn.”

As for Big Sean, people on social media are suggesting the lyric “Jay Z Hall of Fame, sit ya punk a** down” is based off off the Detroit rapper’s LP, Hall of Fame. 

And while it’s mystery as to whether or not K. Dot was going after Drake and Big Sean, he made some lyrics very transparent. On the track, he blasts The Donald. “Donald Trump is a chump, know how we feel punk, tell ’em that God comin’, and Russia need a replay button, y’all are up to something,” he raps.

Now we are all wondering if Drizzy and Sean are gearing up to fire back. But while we anticipate a response, we can at least look forward to Lamar’s upcoming album, officially set to drop on April 7.

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